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Providing support to those interested in STEM and the ones studying a STEM degree


Our mentorship program is aimed towards those who are in their final year of high school and those who are currently studying a STEM degree at university, and would like to connect with a professional for guidance and support. Our mentorship program is a 6-month program, which starts with a kick-off event where all the mentees and mentors will be present. At the end of the 6-month program, there is a signing off event where everyone will again get a chance to meet and share what they have learnt and gained through the program.

Our next mentorship session will begin in January 2022.


For Girls in their final year of High School

This program focuses on helping high school girls who are interested in studying a STEM related path at university in the Nordic region. To become a mentee, the student must be in their last year of high school The mentor will help the student in making the transition from high school to university easy. The mentor can give the student tips on how best to get ready to start university, and share the things which should be known beforehand. The mentors for this program are women who are currently students in a STEM field.

For women pursuing a STEM degree at University

This program is directed towards women who are currently pursuing a STEM degree at a university in the Nordic region. To become a mentee, the student must be pursuing a bachelors, masters or PhD. The aim of this mentorship program is to match students with professionals who have gone through all the hurdles, and are willing to share their tips so other women can excel. ​This will allow the mentee to talk to someone who has walked the walk and talked the talk, therefore they can guide the student the best. 

Meet the Mentors

You can read the profiles of those who are committed to helping others succeed
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