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Meet Linda Lundström

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Linda Lundström is a Professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Since childhood, Linda wanted to understand how things around her worked especially nature. Nature has always been fascinating to Linda and it always attracted her – all from its beauty to the science. This early attraction towards the atmosphere around Linda is why she has such huge interest in STEM. STEM gave her the chance to understand all the things around her and that is why she loves being a woman in STEM.

In 2002, Linda received her degree MSc. in Physics from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Right after she decided to pursue a PhD in the field, and in 2007 Linda finished her PhD in physics. After completing her PhD, Linda decided to stay at the university and started her journey as an assistant professor where her time was devoted to 80% research and 20% teaching. In 2015, Linda got a promotion and was given the title of a professor, and now her time is divided with 50% research and 50% teaching. Linda’s research’s focus has been visual optics i.e., how the optical errors of the eye affect our vision. She develops novel techniques to measure optical errors and vision. She has worked on construction of Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensors, alignment of adaptive optics system. Also, measurements and correction of on- and off-axis optical aberrations in the human eye. She has also contributed to the development of psychophysical routines for visual evaluation over the visual field.

Linda wishes there could be made certain changes to make lives of the women in STEM easier, she would want these changes to include how stereotypes have been set and perceived. There seems to be an unconscious bias, and it is important to aim at changing that. It is important to change is bring a change within these fields, because they not only impact us but all the future generations as well. To bring such changes, Linda thinks more female representation would be good. We need to change how the general public is stereotyping these areas.

Lastly, here are Linda’s closing words of encouragement for young girls who want to join a STEM field:

”The STEM areas need you!”

You can contact Linda Lundström on LinkedIn:öm-509ba712

I thank Linda Lundström for taking part in this project and answering all the questions in a very informative manner. I hope, your experience and STEM story will inspire a young girl to join a STEM field and excel just like you have.

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