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PlanBørneFondens PigePris

We are so honoured to be the winner of PlanBørneFondens PigePrisen 2022!

Thank you to the jury members who chose us as one of the 3 nominated, and thank you to all those who voted for us, and the result of that is that we ended up winning the prize at the ceremony, which took place on 17th November 2022.

PlanBørnefonden's Girl Prize pays tribute to a person, group or association that makes an extraordinary effort to promote equality in Denmark. They have such an award, because according to The World Forum Economic, it will take at least 132 years to achieve gender equality, and we simply cannot wait this long.

You can read more about the award here:

Below are the pictures from the ceremony, and all the pictures have been clicked by Niels Busch.

Here's a video of when the winner was announced, video credits to PlanBørneFonden:

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