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Hear it from me

I am an electrical engineering student at Denmark's Technical University, and I have been a first-hand witness of how small a portion of STEM fields include women. The basis of Nordic Women in STEM lies in the realisation of just that. I have ever since I started university wanted to serve as a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice regarding the STEM fields. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. 


I founded Nordic Women in STEM with a goal of being able to expose girls to the STEM fields and the women working in these fields. Role-models are essential and so is trying out STEM concepts to really understand what STEM is all about. My ultimate goal is to work towards narrowing the gender gap that exists today, and establishing initiatives that will better allow girls to decide what they want to pursue.

- Neha Imtiaz Ullah



Nordic Women in STEM is dedicated towards translating discussion and theory to concrete actions for the betterment of the future. It is important for girls especially in their adolescence years to be exposed to STEM, and for them to have women to look up. We hope to change the way girls see the STEM fields, and want to make them believe that their capabilities are needed to solve the challenges of the future. We hope to tackle the attitudes surrounding women in STEM by exposing girls to STEM, as such opportunities are limited in schools. 


Our ambition is see empowered and an increase number of girls in the STEM fields. Diversity is essential to solve the challenges of the future. We hope that through our organisation, not only will there be an increased awareness of women's potential, but also that girls will be able to recognise their own.

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