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Become a Mentee!

Nordic Women in STEM is dedicated to helping out those looking to join STEM and the ones pursuing STEM fields. In an effort to increase females representation in STEM, we run 2 mentorship programs; 1) for female high school girls who are interested in studying STEM, 2) for female STEM university students. If you fit into one of the above categories and are looking for a mentor, then you have landed in the right place!


Through this mentorship program, you will be matched with a woman in STEM who has more experience than you. The job of the mentor is to help, guide and support you, so you can excel.


High School Students
For mentees in their in their final year of
high school...
You will be given a chance to talk to someone who is studying the field you are planning on studying
You will be given information from a source that has gone through the process herself
Your mentor will be able to guide you in the transition from high school to university
Science Class
For mentees who are currently studying a STEM related degree at a university in the Nordics
You will be given a chance to talk to someone who has a degree in your field, thus she will be able to guide you all from which courses you should take to how work-life is
You will be given the exclusive opportunity to connect and build a relationship with a professional
You will become a part of an exclusive mentee group. Socialising events for the mentees will be hosted, so the mentees can get a chance to expand their network
Nordic Women in STEM will also host events where you will be given the chance to meet representatives from different companies


Fill in the form below and let us know why you would like join the mentorship program.

A member from our team will contact you to discuss your role as a mentee.

You will be matched with a mentor, and will be allowed to meet them at our kickoff-event.

Notebook and Pen


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