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Ambassador for a day tech workshop

The British Embassy in Denmark has started an initiative, “Ambassador a day”, where 20 girls between the ages of 14 to 17 were chosen from around Denmark. These young ambassadors got a chance to participate in embassy events, projects and social media and work on issues such as climate change, equality, and human rights all throughout 2022. On the 27th of October, the embassy arranged a final event for the young ambassadors.

The day started at the embassy with a lovely lunch, followed with a talk from Ambassador Hopkins regarding courage and resilience. Ambassador Hopkin’s talk was followed by a workshop by us, where the girls were given the chance to code ImagiCharms. ImagiCharms are small charms, which allow to create pixelated art using python. The aim of the workshop was to introduce girls to python, and how creative coding can be. This was the first time, we have used ImagiCharms at a workshop, but I am for sure say that it was a success. The success of the workshop was evident by the fact that many girls asked about where they could purchase the ImagiCharms, so they may continue coding at home.

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