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Workshop at Rygaards International School

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

On the 30th and 31st May 2022, we had the pleasure of teaching coding to 200+ secondary school students at Rygaards Skole. The days were divided among students, so we did 4 workshops in total over the span of 2 days. This is by far the biggest cohort, we have taught coding to, and we could not be prouder!

We kept in mind that we were responsible for teaching coding to a range of ages, therefore it was important to plan each workshop in a manner that it correctly corresponded to that age group. But the goal of each workshop was kept the same, and the same kinds of robots and programming tool was used. The aim of each workshop was for the students to code their robot in such a manner that it could be used in a supermarket. This goal was chosen, because we wanted the students to see where robots can be utilised around us. Robots in supermarkets are becoming more and more common and can even be seen in some supermarkets around Denmark.

All of the workshops started with an introduction to the organisation and the role-models present; Arendse, Julie, and Neha. This was followed by an introduction to the coding program, and then the students were divided into groups, followed by them diving right into coding in their groups.

It was amazing to see how the students were extremely enthusiastic about coding and seemed genuinely interested in working with the robots. Their interest was evident by the fact that they were all very quick to come up with ideas on what they wanted their robots to do. What I especially liked how every group came up with a story for the robots, and they had thoroughly thought about the different kinds of issues that can arise in supermarkets, therefore wanted to solve those. For example, one group created a robot, which could help the blind in a supermarket. This kind of empathetic thinking made me believe that the future of this world is in the right hands!

I would like to, thank Rygaards Skole for hosting us, and allowing us to host a workshop at their school for their students. It is important to appreciate the school’s administration, the school’s principal; Mr. Baudach, and all of the wonderful teachers who believed that it was important for the students to be a part of such a workshop and learn coding. While at the school, I was pleased to know that one of the teachers at the school has already been running a robotics club, where they have been trying to build their own robot and have even participated in various competitions. Last but not the least, a special thanks to TuborgFondet and Kvindernes Bygningsfond for supporting our cause.

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